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The Treaty of Versailles humiliated Germany in many ways. Which of the following statements most accurately describes the key terms of the Treaty of Versailles?

british pm lloyd george signing the treaty of versailles formally ending world war i

Germany lost a lot of territory & colonies in the Treaty of Versailles. Which of the following statements is the most accurate assessment of Germany's territorial losses?


The German Workers' Party (DAP) changed its name in 1920. What did it change its name to?


Weimar Germany, founded on the humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles, suffered internal attacks from both Communist & Right-Wing groups. Which of the following pairs of groups were the most prominent in de-stabilising Weimar Germany?

spartacist uprising 4326385

In January 1923, after Weimar Germany had seriously defaulted on its reparations, French & Belgian Armies occupied the Ruhr Valley to force Weimar to pay its reparations. In what way did the Weimar Government respond to this crisis?

article ruhr 1923(1)

As hyperinflation gripped the Weimar economy, a rescue plan was forged between Germany & the Western Allies called the 'Dawes Plan'. What were the conditions of the Dawes Plan?

dawes plan

Gustav Streseman was crucial to the negotiation of the Dawes Plan in 1924. Which of the following statements most accurately describes Streseman's career in Weimar's Goverment between 1923 & 1929?

Gustav Stresemann

The Locarno Pact of 1925 was crucial to improving Weimar Germany's relations with other European countries. What was the main provision and weakness of the Locarno Pact?


The Young Plan of 1929 further helped to ease the immediate economic burden of Weimar's reparations. Which of the following statements accurately describes the terms of the Young Plan?

413px Bundesarchiv Bild 102 00260, Owen D. Young

The Wall Street Crash severely affected all Western Nations, especially Weimar Germany as its prosperity was chiefly founded on US loans. Which of the following statistics accurately describes the worsening political & economic situation in Weimar between 1929 & 1933?


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