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An Archaeological Dig

What different methods do archaeologists use to decide where to begin an archaeological dig?


When beginning a dig, the archaeologists will first open a sample portion of the earth to investigate whether it is worth digging further. This is called a.....

220px Trialtrenches

Any man-made object from the past that is found in a dig site is called.....

640 stone artefact

Any remains of a human being that are found (e.g. leg or arm bone) are tested for an element that is found in all living creatures. The amount of this element that the remains contain allows the archaeologist to estimate its approximate age. What is this test called?

p35 bones

What tools does an archaeologist use to DIG a site and expose artefacts?

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Once an artefact has been found in the soil, what TOOL does the archaeologist use to measure its depth?


Once an artefact has been found in the soil, what METHOD does the archaeologist use to measure its age in relation to its depth in the soil?


Stratigraphy is used to estimate the age of an artefact by its depth from the surface. In simpler terms....

Dendrochronology is used on what kind of artefacts? How does it estimate the age of such artefacts?

350px Dendrochronology

Name one tool that archaeologists use to separate very small fragments of artefacts from soil already removed from the ground.

All the soil removed from a dig is placed in one position away from the dig site. It will later be examined again, just in case some very small fragment of an artefact has been missed. What is this collection of soil called?

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Pottey is the most common form of artefact. What method is used to determine the approximate age of a clay (pot) artefact?

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All artefacts and especially fragments of artefacts that are found in a dig are placed together for later analysis to estimate their relationship with each other and possibly re-build a full artefact. What is this location called?


Throughout an archaeological dig, archaeologists keep an account of details of artefacts found, their position in the soil and their condition. What is this process called?

When an archaeological site is found during the construction of new buildings or roadways, archaeologists are brought in to assess and remove any archaeological remains and artefacts. What is this called?


When artefacts are identified in a dig, they are taken away to be stored and displayed in a building specially built to house these artefacts. What is this building called?

Batumi Archaeology Museum (Photo A. Muhranoff 2011)

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