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The rule of the King Louis XVI in France up until 1789 was based on a very old version of Feudalism. What popular title was this form of rule given?

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The three estates together formed what was commonly known as the 'Estates General' in France at this time. Which of the following is the correct order of these estates?

ancien regime

One of the inequalities of the 'Ancien Régime' was that of 'Voting by Order' in the Estates-General. What does 'Voting by Order' mean?

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When the 3rd Esate was locked out of the Estates-General in 1789, they moved to an indoor sports hall and all but one of the 3rd Estate took the 'Tennis Court Oath'. What did the Tennis court Oath declare?

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With the Estates-General being replaced by the new National Assembly, the King's control in France was now being seriously undermined. Riots broke out in Paris in July 1789 and on 4th July 1789, a mob attacked a famous prison which had been a monument to political and social oppression in France. What did this event become known as?


On 26th July 1789, the National Assembly passed a declaration which guaranteed the rights of liberty, equality and fraternity. It declared that all men were equal before the law, universal freedom of religion, speech and the press. It also declared the right to own private property. What was this declaration called?

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On 12th July 1790, the National Assembly passed the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, which brought the Church under State control. Which of the following statements accurately describes the terms of this Civil Constitution of the Clergy?


King Louis XVI & Marie-Antoinette attempted to escape to the Austrian Netherlands in June 1791. At what town were they captured and returned to Paris under arrest?

93 Louisdernier

The National Assembly declared war on Austria & Prussia in 1792. After initial defeats, the new French Army eventually defeated the invading armies at the Battle of Valmy. This new French army was made up of many tradesmen & shopkeepers, who wore short trousers. What were they popularly known as?


The Reign of Terror (1793-1794) was a period of executions without trial in France. What Jacobin leader led the Reign of Terror and which law granted them the power of execution without trial?

Execution robespierre, saint just...

A French general took over as 'Emperor of the French' in 1804. He attempted to export the revolution to many other European countries, fighting wars against Spain, Russia & Britain. He was eventually defeated and exiled to St. Helena. Who was this 'Emperor of the French'?

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