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"We have no national government; we are ruled by Englishmen, and thus servants of Englishmen, whose object is the interest of another country, whose instrument is corruption; whose strength is the weakness of Ireland."

The Society of United Irishmen, influenced by events in America & France, was founded in 1791 by Theobold Wolfe Tone. Which of the following groups were co-founders of the United Irishmen?

United irishmen 1

Theobald Wolfe Tone wrote an influential pamphlet, arguing for the equal treatment of Catholics in Ireland and an end to the Protestant Ascendancy domination. What was this pamphlet called?


Up until the end of the 1700s, the only parliament in Ireland was for wealthy, Protestant landowners. What was the name of this parliament?


In what year was the United Irishmen banned by the British Government?

Which country agreed to send aid for a rebellion in Ireland and how many ships & men did they send?

Irish Invasion Gillray

In 1797, the organiser of the rebellion was shot and died two weeks later. What was his name?

A number of rebellions broke out in 1798. The largest and only significant one of these was the Wexford Rebellion. Who led the rebels at Boolavogue, Co. Wexford?


The rebels in Wexford captured Enniscorthy while the United Irishmen captured Wexford Town, both in May & June 1798. The United Irishmen committed an atrocity in June 1798 as well. What was the atrocity they committed?

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At what battle were the rebels finally defeated?


Where and in what year did Wolfe Tone die?


The Wexford Rebellion in particular, led many in the British Government to believe that Ireland would only remain stable if ruled directly from Westminster. Through a series of bribes and offers of titles and compensation, The Irish House of Commons (Grattan's Parliament) in Dublin voted itself out of existence in 1800. What law did the British Government pass after this that effectively made Ireland a completely integrated part of the United Kingdom?


"You are now called on to show to the world that you are competent to take your place among nations ... We ... solemly declare, that our object is to establish a free and independent republic in Ireland ... we war against English domination." In 1803, Robert Emmet read his address to the people of Ireland aloud, encouraging them to revolt. What was the title of his Proclamation?


The Robert Emmet Rising, taking place in Dublin in 1803, targeted Dublin Castle. When Emmet and his followers failed to take the castle, rioting broke out on the streets of Dublin and Emmet fled. When he was eventually captured, he stood trial for high treason against British rule in Ireland. Senteced to death by hanging, what was Emmet's final 'speech from the dock'?.

Robert Emmet   Trial

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