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One of the direct results of the 1981 Hunger Strike was ............

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In an effort to find a solution to Northern Ireland, a series of meetings and discussions were held between mainly Irish & Northern Irish nationalist parties in Dublin between May 1983 & February 1984. What was this series of meetings called?

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The 3 main proposals of the New Ireland Forum, published in 1984, were roundly rejected by Margaret Thatcher. Which of the following quotes describes her direct response to the New Ireland Forum's suggestions?

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The Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985 was hailed as a major step forward in the search for a permanent settlement to Northern Ireland's unrest. Which of the following were the 3 main points of agreement between Fitzgerald & Thatcher?

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What was the general Unionist response to the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985?

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The British Government were mostly disappointed with the Anglo-Irish Agreement because.....

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John Hume began a series of secret talks with Gerry Adams in 1993. What was the most important outcome of these talks?

hume adams

The British & Irish Governments published a joint document in December 1993. What was this document called?

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What were the main points of agreement within the Downing Street Declaration?

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When did the IRA FIRST declare a ceasefire in the 1990's with a view to all-party talks in Northern Ireland?

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