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Ancient Rome

The Roman Empire (27 B.C.) was based on a strong central Roman city-state, stretching out to rule over many modern-day European states. From the map, name five modern-day countries that the Roman Empire controlled.

Roman Empire A.D. 117 Full

Roman society was generally divided between the wealthy and the poor. Which one of the statements below accurately describes this social difference

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Roman citizens (Patricians) lived in ornate and spacious houses. What were these houses called? What was the Roman name for the following: (a) Dining room, (b) Kitchen, (c) Entrance hallway & (d) Garden


The centre of the city of Rome held markets, stalls, the Roman Senate and a temple to their gods (Pantheon). What was the name of this centre?

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The buildings where poorer Romans lived were usually cramped and prone to catching fire. These were usually a number of storeys high, with no fire escapes. What were these buildings called?

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The road which ran through the centre of Rome was called....


Which of these Roman buildings was built for the worship of Roman Gods?

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The Romans began building a wall 117 kms across the north of present-day England in 117 ADto protect their colony 'Britannia' from attacking tribes in present-day Scotland. What was the name of this wall?

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Most Roman citizens would try to visit this most popular amenity every day. When they went there, they would be waited on by slaves, have rooms for relaxation, pools and even an exercise area. These buildings were also an important social gathering point. What were they called?


Running water was not plentiful in Ancient Rome. Instead, they designed and engineered eleven waterway systems that would carry water to the city. These large bridges of water were vital for everyday life and commerce in Rome. What were they called?

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Roman soldiers were organised in 'Legions' (armies) of roughly 5,400 soldiers. Which of the following statements accurately describes the organisation of a Legion.

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Leading the legionaires into battle was one of the greatest privileges a soldier could have, including at least twice the pay of a normal soldier. Carrying the Roman standard (eagle) on a tall staff or pole, this soldier was known as the.....

standard bearer

The Colosseum was one of the most important buildings in Ancient Rome. What public events were held there?

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The Circus Maximus was a great stadium built for which spectator sport?

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The Romans built many arches throughout their city, both for practical purposes (aqueducts) and as monuments to their emperors. This is the Arch of Constantine I ('the Great'). What major change did Constantine make to Roman life and society?


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