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The Government which took over from Fianna Fáil in 1948 was Ireland's first coalition Government. What parties formed the 1st 'Inter-Party Government' and who was Taoiseach?

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In 1948, the Inter-Party Government introduced a Bill to formally end all links with the British Commonwealth. This Bill, which was passed in 1949, made the 26 counties a Republic. What was the name of the Act?

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The Inter-Party Government also set up a new agency in 1949 for the creation of industry and employment in Ireland, particularly to attract foreign direct investment. What was the name of this agency?


The Inter-Party Government only lasted three years (1948-1951). What crisis brought down the Government?


Who formed the Government of 1951 - 1954?

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After continued rising unemployment & emigration throughout the 1950s, Fianna Fáil changed leadership in 1959, when Eamon deValera resigned as Taoiseach and ran for President. Who took over as Taoiseach in that year?

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In 1958, T.K. Whitaker drew up a plan to industrialise Ireland. What was the name of the plan and what were its main development strategies?

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In what year was Telefis Eireann established?

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In January 1965, an historic series of meetings in Belfast & Dublin took place between the Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland and the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland. Who were the two Prime Ministers & why was was it considered historic?

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In 1966, Minister for Education Donagh O'Malley introduced important education legislation. What was this legislation?

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In 1966, Sean Lemass retired as Taoiseach and was replaced by the first leader of the Republic who had no involvement in the independence struggle or civil war between 1916 & 1923. Who was this new leader?

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The 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland erupted into violence in 1969, with clashes between the Nationalist & Unionist communities and the RUC. Two members of the Fianna Fail Government were implicated in, and tried for gun-running for the Nationalist community in Northern Ireland. What year and which two members of Fianna Fail were accused and tried in court?

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In what year did Ireland join the European Economic Community (EEC)? Which two countries joined at the same time as Ireland?

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The Fine Gael & Labour Coalition Government of 1982-1987 had to deal with rising debt and unemployment levels. However, Garret Fitzgerald achieved a notable success in convincing the British Government to consult with the Republic of Ireland Government over issues with regard to Northern Ireland and to create an Anglo-Irish Secretariat in Northern Ireland. What was the name of this agreement and in what year was it signed by the Republic of Ireland & United Kingdom?

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A declaration by both the Republic of Ireland & United Kingdom governments in 1993 offered the hope of a resolution to the violence in Northern Ireland. In this declaration, the British Government accepted that they no longer had " any strategic or economic interest" in Northern Ireland. What was this agreement called?

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Thirty years of violence in Northern Ireland was brought to an end in the 1990's by a series of ceasefires by the IRA & Loyalist paramilitary groups. After a number of years of all-party talks, a new agreement was reached by all political parties in Northern Ireland for a Power-Sharing Executive, backed by both the Dublin & London Governments. What was the name of this new agreement?


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